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20 Great Business Ideas for 2021 + Resources to Get Started

Regardless of the rough realities of 2020, many businesses amassed fortunes. With great business ideas for 2021, you can prepare yourself for whatever could happen in this incoming year.

This article is a compilation of the 20 great business ideas for 2021, selected with deep consideration of the world’s direction. Currently, it’s easy to say that the world is experiencing a major shift. And it is an opportunity to get off on a strong foot. Any of these great business ideas is a good place to start off in 2021.

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1. EdTech

edtech business ideas

With all that happened in 2020, households are more careful about their children’s style of learning. Also, technology has taken up every sector of the economy. However, the education sector is least flexible so far as many schools are still in the typical classroom learning stage.

Creating EdTech tools to help students share resources, connect, and learn both as a group and individually is a good launchpad to a great future.

There is some learning software in the industry already but it is still an emerging industry with significantly high growth potentials.

Here’s a resource on how you can integrate EdTech into teaching and learning.

2. Website Rental

website rental business idea

Most of the world still do not understand what a website is in the real sense. Like shops, offices, and houses, websites are business locations on the internet (web). To simply put it, they are sites on the web.

Just as offline locations, not all businesses can afford to build a website albeit they need one. So, if they have an option of renting a website that is custom-built for them, they will take it.

How does this work?

Simple. You host the website, build it the way the client needs it, register an available domain for the client, and run regular maintenance on the websites. The client can be charged to pay rent for the website monthly.

The good thing is that you can host unlimited websites on one hosting plan. For an average of $75, you can get an annual hosting plan for unlimited websites.

3. Subscription Boxes

sub boxes business ideas

Look around you, people rarely want to walk into the mall or bookstores anymore. However, they have recurring needs that force them out of the spaces.

We need body sprays, creams and soaps, books to read, and supplements to consume. These needs are regular and if only we can get someone to send them to us when we need them without having to repeatedly place the demand, we will be willing to part with a few extra money.

One of the great business ideas for 2021 is to find clients with recurring needs and get them to subscribe to regular prompt delivery of all products that they need. You can bill them monthly or weekly depending on how frequently they receive their boxes.

Subscription boxes will vary between clients. Each box can contain everything a client needs, including books to read for the month, body sprays, supplements, soaps, toothpaste, brushes, face wipes, etc.

You can get creative with the offer, the packaging, and how you intend to get across to your customers. There’s been no time when our personal space have been more cherished. Seize the opportunity of the era.

Here’s a look at what subscription boxes look like.

4. Electric Car Power Charge Stations

electric car charging ideas

This makes the list of the great business ideas for 2021 because electric cars are going mainstream and travelers are always going to need a charge station.

A strategically located charge station does the magic. At a bar or restaurant, a club, or a public car park, you will be exposed to a lot of tire traffic. That’s a lot of money to get you started on your journey towards wealth acquisition.

You can buy electric car chargers with easy installation here, here, and here.

5. Game Centers

teens playing games

Whether Sony Play Station or Microsoft Xbox, young people want to connect with themselves and there’s no better place for them to do so than at game centers.

This is one of the best small business ideas in a time when people are looking for means to get out of their space and be with other humans. A game center is a good place to flex gaming muscles with other gamers.

6. Graphic Designing and Animations

animation and graphics idea

As great business ideas emerge, people will be needing graphic designers for many reasons, including logo designs, banner designs, flyers, and more.

Building a business that helps other businesses represent themselves better is a good business. Your customers, who are businesses too, are under the pressure of meeting their customers’ needs. So, they need your help at a cost.

Animation, being a part of graphics designing, is also a great business idea to follow in 2021. By making good illustration videos, businesses can present their offer to their customers with ease.

What this means is that the success of other businesses rests on your shoulders as a graphics designer. And this may be a small business idea, but it is one you can charge a premium for.

Here is a guide to help you start and improve your graphic design skills.

7. Start a Podcast

podcast mic

Oh yes! It’s hard to tell how podcast hosts make money from the business. However, with the growing popularity of podcasts, there are endless opportunities there.

Podcasts are great places for affiliate marketing, adverts, and shoutouts. Needless to say, a podcast with a vast audience can rake in a fortune from these.

And the amazing thing is that podcasts are rarely full-time engagements. One or two episodes per week do quite well if you ask me.

Here’s a guide on how to build a profitable podcast from scratch.

8. Offer Custom Printed Products

custom printed shirt

Clothes, shoes, mugs, aprons, or whatever you can think of. Businesses and individuals never get enough customization for the items that they use.

All the mugs on Google are expected to be custom designed. Also, the tee-shirts that they wear.

This is not peculiar to big businesses. Even small businesses and individuals are regularly seeking custom printed products to show off with.

Working on this great business idea for 2021 puts you in a good position to receive orders from the people around you.

Here’s an affordable Heat Press Machine for customizing products.

9. Social Media Management

social media manager

Let’s face it, people are getting too busy with social media although they have an audience to appeal to on various social networking platforms.

Business founders, busy executives, and even corporate bodies are constantly in need of social media managers who can help manage and grow their audience and account engagement.

Starting a social media management business is one of the best business ideas to pursue in 2021.

Here’s a practitioner’s guide to social media management. Getting one will help you.

10. Virtual Assistance

virtual assistant scheduling

This sounds like the social media management idea but there’s something different about this one. Although the roles of virtual assistants may include social media management, they are closer to busy entrepreneurs and executives than other people.

Busy people need someone at their berk and call to handle minor tasks that are necessary but considered as time-wasters. These tasks may include data entry, minor project management, internet research, meeting scheduling, flight booking, email and calendar management, and more.

Virtual assistants are highly valued by their clients. And most importantly, this is a work-from-home small business idea.

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can become a successful virtual assistant.

11. Content Writing

content writer working

Content is still king. It has ruled for so long and its reign appears to travel far into the future.

If you have good writing skills, creating content for businesses or blogs is a great business idea for 2021.

Content writers earn an impressive average of over $3,500 monthly and $49,000 annually, according to Indeed and Glassdoor respectively.

I recommend that you read Everybody Writes by Ann Handley. It’s packed with step-by-step guides on how you can write wonderful content for clients.

12. Contract Customer Service and Tech Support

customer support team

This one made our list of great business ideas for 2021 because startups are in constant need of independent customer support to help them serve their new and growing customers best.

If there’s any time in history when there are more optimistic and young people starting businesses that this era, it wasn’t documented in history books.

If you’re good at dealing with people and pouring ice water on hot customer queries, you can start a business as an independent support specialist.

Check out Zapiers’ Ultimate Guide to Customer Support and Badass IT Support. They are very useful guides to get you started in a career like this.

13. Business Plan Writing

A significant proportion of startup founders with great business ideas do not know how to write a business plan.

With the skill and knowledge of good business plan writing, you can start a business in 2021 to help startup founders craft good business plans that would be used to request investments and loans from investors and financial institutions.

Business plan writers also offer other services including pitch deck design and projection of business financials.

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14. Bookkeeping


Aha! This is one of the business ideas for 2021 that has been valuable for years but very few people venture into it. Why don’t many people start a bookkeeping business?

The answer is the same reason why business owners don’t handle their bookkeeping themselves.

  1. It is time-consuming
  2. Numbers are boring
  3. It requires attention to detail and precision.

If you can do this, you have a gold mine ready to turn your 2021 into a great year.

If this work-from-home business idea is for you, then check out Julie Mucha’s guide on How to Open Your Own Bookkeeping Service.

15. Item Brokerage

Some homeowners have more items in their house than they need. Most of them know it and they can’t help it because they just can’t throw them away.

Becoming an item broker is another one of the great ideas for 2021. As an item broker, you can find buyers for items that others are not using and you keep a commission from the sale.

For instance, most homeowners have that couch that they never sit on and want to dispose of but just haven’t seen a way to do that. Meeting these people to ask them what properties they will like to put for sale, you will be shocked how much unclogging they’d want to do.

And believe me, you can make a fortune from this great idea.

16. Coaching and Tutoring

coachingDo you have a skill that you seem exceptional in?

Inasmuch as those skills look natural to you, it is shocking how many people will pay just to be shown how to do things the way you do.

By identifying your strong skills and areas of expertise, you can offer coaching and tutoring services to people both physically and virtually.

Remember, Garry Kasparov teaches chess on Masterclass.

It doesn’t matter. It could hard skills like playing the piano and guitar, or soft skills like communication and learning a foreign language. As long as there are people that want to learn that skill, you can build a business upon that need.

17. Nutritionist and Weight Loss Consulting

weight loss

Yes, here we go again!

As many of us will be working remotely from home in the coming year, it won’t be shocking to see more people gain weight and grow lazier.

There will be an increased demand for nutritionists and weight-loss experts. And the marvelous reality about this great business idea is that it could be done remotely. You can offer your consulting service via video calls and emails and get paid.

18. Transcription and Stenography

Writing and typing is a difficult task for many. So, they prefer to speak and have someone else do the writing.

Starting a transcription business is a good way to help solve this problem. And in 2021, there is no doubt that many people will like to write books and articles about their experiences in the past years. However many won’t because writing is daunting.

Nevertheless, speaking is a lot easier. So, if they know that someone can make well-structured articles and books from their speech, why won’t they let that money leave their pockets?

The amazing reality, however, is that there are software for transcribing voice recordings. Express Scribe Transcription Software is a good option to install on your PC. Also, you can upload audio files to online transcription programs like

19. Door-step Delivery

doorstep delivery

Personally, I think this is a remarkable business idea because it presents limitless opportunities.

Starting a delivery (logistics) service can come in handy to many people. A good way to begin is to work with small businesses within your city. You can help them deliver orders to the customers’ doorsteps. The business has made its sales and you get to keep the shipping cost.

Also, person-to-person item delivery is a good alternative if you don’t want to work with businesses.

20. Daycare and Babysitting Service

daycare and babysitting

For the Sandwich Generation, there’s no greater distraction to work than handling babies and aging parents at the same time.

The service of a babysitter or daycare for seniors will be very valuable to this generation of resilient adults.

With this great business idea, you can build a fortune that will open you up to even bigger opportunities.

Final Thought

Successful businesses are born from a desire to solve a problem for humanity. These 20 great business ideas for 2021 are all focused on solving real problems for humans. Also, they are doable ideas that require little to no money and business knowledge. Pursue them, access the resources that are needed, and sour through 2021 into a great future.

Good luck!