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about us

About Us

The world population and unemployment rates are rising to levels unthinkable. Average employee salaries are dropping while standards of living are rising. It’s increasingly difficult for the average human to make ends meet. Entrepreneurship offers limitlessness. Many facets of freedom. And every day, people are starting businesses, scaling, and selling. Traveling the world and living the lives of their dreams. Inasmuch as the stories of these few that made headway is inspiring, there’s a large part of the world population that is held bound and are struggling to breath (figuratively). These people have resorted to taking low-paying jobs (for those that find jobs), crime, and whatever they can do to make ends meet. Over 80% of these people would love to start a business of their own, do the things they love, and at least make good ends meet. Well, who wouldn’t want to own a business or work on their own terms? Noknom, before launching, did a study on business creation and found that people really want to start businesses but are limited by either (or both) of these:
  1. They don’t know how to start a business
  2. They don’t have the resources to start a business
We understand that money is a vital part of business creation. However, we have seen people create big businesses from nothing. We have studied businesses that emerged from pure passion and a need to solve a problem. These businesses that we studied had started with the founders in very bad financial states. We know that their processes can be replicated and we, at Noknom, are keen on showing people how.

What We Do?

Noknom is building a community of future startup entrepreneurs. These are people that have very limited knowledge of business creation and financial constraints. Most are unsure of their chances of making it through. We provide content with actionable steps, reducing business jargon to the minimum for the average reader to comprehend, learn, and act. Also, we are connecting with startup founders that have successfully created their own businesses. With this network of startup founders, future entrepreneurs can gain exclusive mentorship and collaboration opportunities, and most of all, grow their network. We are constantly updating our blog/website with recent content to guide new and aspiring founders through their various stages of business creation.

Want to Be a Part of Noknom?

Great! We are happy to receive you as a part of this wonderful movement. You can be a part of our Future Entrepreneurs Community. Also, you can join our network of startup founders to offer advice and mentorship to future entrepreneurs. You can also find the talents that you need to collaborate on your next project. You can grow your business while helping a new, talented founder get on their fit. Also, future founders, through our network, can collaborate on their projects. You need a co-founder to increase your chances of success. There is no better way to find one, but networking.

Want to Contribute?

Woo-hoo! We are excited to receive your contributions. We publish articles that are in line with our goals of helping young, future entrepreneurs get working on their dreams. You can check out our Writing Guide for details on how to get your contributions to us. We can’t wait to publish you!
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Augustine O. Ojeh

Augustine is a business and productivity writer with a focus on helping young entrepreneurs to develop the right psychology for business excellence.
He is the founder and editor of

Joshua Oyabevwe

Oyabevwe Joshua is a serial entrepreneur, business consultant, and freelance copywriter. He possesses practical knowledge of branding and marketing for start-ups and, he helps numerous businesses with their content and marketing needs every day.

Saheed I. Ganiyu

Augustine O. Ojeh and Ebenezer Chukwuma

Opeyemi S. Afolarin

Opeyemi is a full-time content creator, business consultant, and coach. He has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs, helping them turn their ideas into profit-making businesses.

At Noknom, Opeyemi offers tested-and-trusted advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders on how to kick off, garner sales, and scale their ventures.

In the remote working world, over the past four years, he has mentored 100+ top-selling service providers across five industries one of who is the Founder and Editor of Noknom Media.

He enjoys finding innovative ways to scale businesses on a professional level. However, some of his hobbies include soccer, video gaming, movies, and reading.

Ifeanyi Abamoh

Charlton K. Ebomah

Abdulazeez Adesina

Noknom Editorial Team