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Effectively Advertising On A Low Budget

Startups are looking for the cheapest and most effective ways they can advertise. While at least 30% of your startup revenue should be channeled into your company’s marketing, sometimes it’s just not enough. Effectively advertising on a low budget can triple your Return On Investment (ROI), if you follow the steps below.

Marketing (including advertising) is the lifeblood of every business

Invest in Offering a Great Customer Experience

Nothing brings you more sales like a happy customer. When you win a new client for your business, they most likely have friends and colleagues who also needs your service or products. By offering them a fantastic customer experience, there is a high chance that they would recommend your business to their friends and colleague. This will fetch you more customers without doing a thing.

Offer Discount For Referrals

Sometimes your current clients simply need extra motivation to bring their friends. By offering them a small discount on their next purchase whenever they refer a customer, you are effectively advertising on a low budget. Your client will return because they want a discount, and you will get a new client for absolutely no cost.

Let Your Website Say The Right Things

Three things are essential in getting a great first impression from your customers.

  1. How your website looks
  2. The first experience you offer a customer/prospect
  3. What your website says

Your website “home page” and “About Us” page are the most visited pages on your websites. The contents of these pages must be written to appeal to your desired audience. Using the element of storytelling is one of the most effective ways to get your customers to buy. This is because

Facts tell, Stories Sell

Combining facts with elements of storytelling is how you convert your website visitors into customers. Everyone is telling your ideal customer to buy from them. To make them choose you, you have to stand out by what your content is saying.

Content Marketing

The act of content marketing is a strategic marketing approach where you’re focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content targetted at the questions your clients are asking. These contents can be published through your website blogs, or they can be shared through social media. The aim is to answer a question where your product or service is the answer.

Get Active on Social Media

Every day, people spend more and more hours on social media. This makes it the perfect place to reach out to them. Staying active on social media with frequent updates while also commenting on viral posts will put your business out there to be seen.

Create a Blog

Running and managing a blog isn’t as complex as you think. You can set up your blog and start publishing at least two contents every week. This is a very effective way of marketing on a low budget. This is because, with proper SEO practices, your blog post will rank on multiple search engines where some are looking for answers related to your field. That is hundreds of thousands of daily visitors all over the world who might need your product or service.

Create a Newsletter

Other than social media, everyone takes their email seriously. With a good email list and email marketing content, effectively advertising on a low budget becomes a walk in the pack.

Here are a few tips on proper marketing with newsletters.

Tips on marketing with a Newsletter

  • Create your own email list; a common mistake many businesses make is buying an existing email list. A purchased email list would have either been sold to your competitions or doesn’t have your prospect. Always build your email list from scratch.
  • Employ a copywriter to help you create email templates

Offer Free Trails and Consultations

The word “free” is one of the most clicked words on the net. By offering free consultation and trials, you not only drive clicks on your website, but you also show you are confident about your product or service.