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12 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them

If you know what your customers wish you knew about them, you will be better equipped to serve them right. However, the services often rendered to customers do not come from a place of knowledge of what customers value.

The only thing more important than offering a great product is perhaps knowing what your customers wish you knew about them. Spending time with your customers is the ideal way to know about their needs. Conduct surveys, and build a rapport with them. From a neutral perspective and with due research, here are 12 things your customers wish you knew about them.

Good service beats fast service any day

The 21st century is poised with brands believing and ushering in faster ways to deliver products and services. This gives the impression that customers value faster services more than good service.

Yes, customers love fast services, but not at the expense of good service.

Studies have shown that customers who receive good service (competent and knowledgeable) are more likely to remember their experience. The same study also shows that customers who abandon brands on accounts of rudeness and incompetence are 18% more than those who stay with the brand.

Customers wish you remember their names

According to research in brain activation, few things are quite as pleasant as your name.

Customers wished instead of referring to them as just customers, you referred to them by their name.

For all future emails, ensure to refer to customers by their name. This will increase your open and read through rates.

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Customers love a pleasant surprise

This is often the road less traveled by businesses for one simple reason – it costs a few pennies. Customer surprise leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Zappos understands this concept and uses it to their advantage without so much as a mention on their sales page.

Your customers want to know that they matter to you. What better way to show it than with a pleasant surprise. It could be with a buffet of flowers, a box of chocolate, or a gift box – something out of the ordinary that doesn’t have to be expensive. Discounts are overused, and as such does not count as a pleasant surprise.

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Listen to customers’ advice

Bill Gates already laid the foundation for listening to customers with the statement,

“Your most unhappy customers are your biggest form of learning.”

Your customers know how you can serve them better, and they wish you listen to them and serve them as they wish.

When you decide to innovate, ensure to take your customer suggestions into account. When you do, ensure to give them credit with a headline in the form of:

“You asked and we delivered”

Customers don’t need perfection, they need reliability

While there are quite a number of perfectionists out there, they are a rather small percentage of the population.

Customers will always choose reliability over perfectionism every day. I am not saying that your product shouldn’t be perfect; your customers just need to be able to rely on your service or product to satisfy their needs when they need it.

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They want to be asked how they can be better served

Customers are always eager to tell their favorite brands how to make their relationship better.

How many times have you ever asked?

How frequently do you conduct a survey to know what your customers need?

Customers want to be heard.

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Customers want to be thanked for their referral

The real question is how do you feel when a referral of yours comes drooling over the spectacular services he or she got?

Like you, every customer wants to look like a hero when they send their friend to a brand. Either from the friend who is happy that they got good service or the brand happy about their new customer. 

Just make sure you express your personalized gratitude to them for the referral.

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Customers desire special treatments

One thing every customer wishes to be offered is a special treatment. They always desire to be shown just how special they are to a brand through special add-ons. These are discounts, freebies, and gifts only available to them.

Customers get jealous, too

All customers are lovers of your brand. It’s like a man married to plenty of wives, and each of them can get jealous if they find you are treating another better than you treat them.

It could be an ignored comment on your social media post, a feature limited to them, etc.

Ensure to treat your customers evenly and foster a unison love within them.

They don’t want excuses, they want results

Customers don’t care if the CEO died of cancer. They pay for a product, and they always want it when they want it. When you give excuses, it only infuriates them.

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They hate salespeople, but they like to buy things

Today, your attention is needed by all businesses. This has resulted in various sales tactics being used to get your attention.

This has made people wary of salespeople and tactics, as they feel they will be cajoled. However, they do like to buy things.

This means your customers want to be sold to without seeming like they are being forced to buy.

I want to buy your product, but I need you to help me justify it to myself

It can be surprising what your customers wish you knew about them. Customers want you to help them justify why they need to buy your product. Without that justification, they won’t buy.

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There is really no shortage of what your customers wish you knew about them. While various industries share these things in common, it’s best you hear from your own audience. While you take these things customers wish you knew about them, launch a survey to know your customers better, and build a more intimate relationship with them.