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Finding Your Unique Productivity and Time Management Technique

A lot of time management techniques on the internet today don’t work. The reason is simple. When it comes to increasing productivity through proper time management, each individual has a technique that best works for them. This article will help you to find your unique time management technique.

What Is Productivity?

This is the medium for measuring efficiency.

This can be further described as the state of being able to produce relevant output with whatever time or resources allocated.

Typically, there are two types of productivity: workforce and personal productivity. The former has its bearing in organizations and workplaces while the latter, on the other hand, is about how we as individuals manage time and work in every aspect of our lives.

This article discusses individual, unique techniques for managing time. If you are a freelancer, self-employed, a leader in any organization looking for better time management techniques, then this article covers your need.

What Is Time Management?

Time management is the process of making the utmost use of your available hours. Handling what needs handling in a stipulated time and shelving all others.

In today’s busy world, time is the only constant but unretrievable factor. Time, ones spent right can yield exponential rewards and otherwise if not spent right.

Having a proper time management plan or strategy will not only increase your output time but increase productivity as well.

How Proper Time Management Can Help You Achieve Time Efficiency

The attention span of the average person today is 8 seconds according to research by Microsoft.

The reason is quite simple. There are so many things competing for our attention and our brain is constantly working to accommodate all of it at the same time. One minute you are reading an article like this, next you are replying to a message on social media, and it goes on and on.

Staying focus and on task is getting difficult by the day, especially when you are opportune to have control of your own time.

However, with a proper time management technique, you can certainly increase both effectiveness and efficiency in your personal work life.

Proper time management allows you to put things in perspective, shut out the raging noise, and focus on a task per-time.

Time Management Techniques That Will Work For You

People with a proper grasp of their time management techniques tend to achieve more from their meager 24-hour day. Time management can also be ascribed to how people manage themselves and the noise that plagues us all.

1. Make a plan and set goals

time management planning

Without a plan, you will burn through your day handling tasks as they come at you. This can be a recipe for unproductivity.

In order to make the most of your time, you need a concrete plan. This is a universal time management hack that works for everyone.

You can make daily, weekly, or monthly plans. This gives you a clear understanding of your expectations for every day, every week, and every month.

A proper plan will include tasks (to-do list) and an allocated completion time. You can use digital or paper sticky notes to make your to-do list and use fancy calendars to track deadlines and progress.

2. Block out the noise

noise and time management

The majority of the reason people struggle with productivity is due to the number of distractions. Your cell phones, music, people, and even things in your line of sight can get you distracted.

The trick is knowing what is considered noisy to you and eliminate it.

For instance, I find the urge to check my cell phone from time to time very strong. The obvious solution is to eliminate my mobile device, ensuring is far from reach.

Everyone has an environment for optimum mental efficiency. I work better with music on. However, many find that distracting.

If you like quiet environments, ensure you have it. In case your mind can be taken elsewhere simply by looking at a painting, like me, I would recommend you have your workstation face an empty wall. If blocking out the noise can only be achieved by working at night, then that is what you should do.

I have found many who are night owls and the night hours are their productive hours. Find out which works best for you and stick to it.

3. Organize your task by order of importance

business plan

Many people get tempted into completing small tasks first with the hope to move on to the more important tasks later. That can sometimes be a costly mistake as you will find yourself burnt out after completing seemingly simple tasks.

One of the best time management technique is to organize your tasks based on the order of priority. This comes in at the planning stage.

When making your to-do list, ensure to tackle important assignments first.

When the bigger works are done, you might still have enough energy left to handle smaller tasks.

This is a psychological trick as the brain wouldn’t want to start a big task after completing a small one due to the sheer size. If the case is in reverse, you will be more obliged to complete smaller tasks regardless of how much you have done prior.

4. Delegate and refuse work if you can

delegating tasks

You do not have to do everything yourself, especially if you are a leader in your firm or work for yourself.

Know the sort of tasks you should delegate and those you should outright turn down.

Ideally, you ought to perform important tasks, then delegate unimportant assignments or turn them down.

5. Avoid multitasking


Many people believe they are multitasking when in truth they are merely jumping from one task to another.

Scientifically speaking, only 2% of people can actually multitask. So, except you believe you are one of the 2%, I recommend you avoid multitasking.

Multitasking generally decreases your productivity by 40%. A research carried out by Harvard Business further states that you lose 10 IQ points for attempting multitasking.

So, if you have been multitasking, one unique technique for managing time is focusing on one task per time.

6. Allocate time to your tasks

stopwatch time

Without a proper time allocation to each and every one of your tasks, it becomes super easy to consume more time than you ought to.

Time allocation is the ultimate time management hack that will increase productivity as well as cut down your work hours.

The Pomodoro technique recommends you also include break time when allocating project time. This will allow you to take pauses in between tasks to boost your mental capacity.

7. Reward yourself

After every project completion, ensure to reward yourself.

Having a reward to look forward to will get you amped to complete your tasks faster.

Starve yourself of every pleasure, and reward yourself with some after every completed task.

The Bottom Line

There are very efficient time planners to help you organize your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks effortlessly. Please, buy one here.

While these time management hacks can help you achieve optimum efficiency and effectiveness in anything you do, it is important to know that discipline is the cornerstone to being productive. These are the steps to finding your unique productivity and time management techniques.