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Using Social Media To Grow Your Startup Business

Taking advantage of social media to grow your startup business could be the wisest decision you have ever made as a startup entrepreneur.  Generation Zees grew up with the internet and social media. While that doesn’t automatically make you digitally literate, it means you understand just how social media has become an essential part of our lives and culture today, and how powerful a tool it is.

Over half of the world’s population are social media users, with more than 30% of that population signing in daily. That is 3.5 billion potential customers waiting for your product and over 1 billion people available to see what you’re selling in a single day. If you aren’t taking advantage of social media to grow your business, you are obviously losing money. A lot of it.

Here’s how you can take advantage of social media to maximize reach and grow your business profit?

Identify The Right Social Media For Your Business

There are tons of social media out there with millions of users. A common mistake startups make is starting on multiple platforms with the hopes of getting more prospects and customers. When they do, 60% of them involuntarily give up on using social media after a while. Some later focus on one or two and leave the rest idle, which is bad for business.

Frequently, you see many business social media handles with their last update dated back months. The reason is simple. The more social profiles a business has, the more human resources are required in keeping them active. As a startup, human resources is a valuable asset that should be invested in other areas of the business to help it grow. You can invest the extra effort in satisfying your current customers, strategizing on new product offerings, and many other things. Here are useful management hacks to help you do more with less.

Identify the social media platform that fits your business. If you are a fashion brand, stick to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Software companies and small B2B companies, Linkedin is your best option. Whatever your business is about, research on the various social media networks out there, and determine which has more of your customers and start from there.

Create a Relationship With Your Audience

Who would you rather patronize? A business that likes and comments on your photos or one whose only interest is selling to you? You will choose the former every time. This is because one of our primary needs is to feel significant. To be recognized. To be seen. If you offer this feeling to any customer, that customer will be yours for life. Social media provides you with the opportunity to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Getting to know and engage with them through their posts and yours, ultimately driving consumer loyalty.

Create a Community on Social Media

Brands like Apple, Samsung, Chanel, Luis Vuitton, and others, all thrive because they have built a community. A community of people who identify with themselves. This community is what creates the “Us vs. Them” mentality people using the most popular brands today exhibit. Because we both use an iPhone or wear Luis Vuitton or Gucci, we are basically in the same community as far as brands go. These folks will defend your product against your rival at any time and any day. Building an active community of users that you engage with on social media can help you achieve a lot.

Create Free Value Aside Your Product

With people spending more and more hours on social media, creating value is how you grow your social media followers. Aside from your products, prospects will follow you when you offer something to them for free.

Since humans are selfish by nature, they always think of themselves first. You are thinking about making a profit by getting them to buy, they are thinking about getting something from you for free. Offering free value is how you reel them in. It could be small valuables like beautiful sceneries around the world if you are a photography business. It could be life quotes to help make the most out of day to day life if you are a life coach.

Create free values about things your ideal customers will be interested in engaging in. As far as social media go, no one goes there to buy anything. They are there to have fun and find free value. To attract them, shoving your products on their timeline won’t do much good. Creating free value will.

Increase Website Traffic

Someone who doesn’t know your brand will not go online looking for your company website, neither will they find it on their own. However, with social media, someone who hasn’t heard of your brand before can stumble across your business. With a few optimizations, you can send your audience directly to your online store from social media.

Showing Your Customers You are Human

People don’t relate to non-living things like your products; they connect with the idea, the story, and the people behind the products. One of the ways of taking advantage of social media in growing your startup is to show you are human. Show your audience a glimpse of how your products are made. Show them the people who are responsible for making their products. Also, show them how your team enjoys creating the best products and the fun things that happen behind the scenes of the products they buy. These shows you are a business they can relate with.

For any startup, no matter the industry, this is how you grow your business with social media. These are practical knowledge that is making many startups thrive today. Start implementing and watch your business transform.