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Although Noknom is kicking off, we are focused on maintaining a high standard for both our readers and writers. What this means is that the articles that would get published on our platform will be stringently screened to meet certain standards. Submissions that are found beneath this standard will most likely be declined. 

However, there is a lot that you can do to have your articles published and get read by a large audience size which probably includes your potential clients. This style guide is crafted specifically to make it easier for you to get published. Kindly take the time to read and follow the instructions to avoid the back and forth hassle that most writers experience when trying to get published on similar platforms. 

A Brief About Noknom And What We Do

At Noknom, simplicity is our top priority. In this case, I will try to make this piece as simple as possible starting from a brief description of who we are and what we do. 

Reviewing the growing population of the world, as well as the increasing unemployment across countries, young folks are eager to start and run their own businesses. Unfortunately, only a few people are being able to accomplish this. We have discovered that many others are held back for two reasons. 

  1. No knowledge of business 
  2. No money to start a business

With a focus on solving these two problems, we founded Noknom (No Knowledge, No Money). 

Noknom is a repertoire of digestible information for aspiring entrepreneurs that want to start and run a business of their own but have no knowledge of the business world, and no money to pull through. 

Therefore, our primary objective is to share quality content that is easy to understand and follow for readers who do not have deep knowledge of the business world. This means that deep business terms and processes have to be broken down into simple, “easy to understand and follow” articles. 

Who Our Readers Are

Since our goal is to make the future of entrepreneurship brighter, our primary focus is to address those on whose shoulders the future rests. The young population of aspiring entrepreneurs between (but not limited to) the ages of 16 and 40. 

As earlier mentioned, these readers may have very basic knowledge (or no knowledge) of the business world. Hence, we must write to them in the simplest and most basic form. 

The Topics That We Publish

We publish articles revolving around the following topics:

1. Business Psychology: 

We believe that you need to develop certain mindsets to be able to build a sustainable business. So, we implore you to share credible insights on how readers can develop these mindsets. 

2. Marketing And Sales: 

Every business needs to sell its products or services to customers that are interested in what they are offering. We are more than happy to receive pieces that can help readers take their business to the next level through marketing and sales. 

3. Productivity: 

Entrepreneurs need to get things done. Let’s help them do more with their time. Thoughtful productivity tips are highly welcome. 

4. Leadership: 

This is a vital part of running a business. Entrepreneurs need to develop great leadership skills to help them get through tough times. Let’s share what we know with them cheerfully. 

5. General Business Practices: 

If you have great insights on how our readers can start their businesses and run them efficiently, we want to read it too. Don’t hesitate to send them our way. 

Check Your Grammar

Before we publish every article, we copyedit them to make sure that they are free from grammatical errors. Our professional editors are well-positioned to give your piece a thorough look and ensure it meets our grammar standards. While we do this, we will try to keep you on the loop to help you improve your writing in appropriate ways. 

Meanwhile, we are likely to receive numerous submissions daily and it would be a lot of work to copyedit submissions with too many errors. Therefore, you have to play your part in facilitating the quick publishing of your articles. These tips below can help you submit a clean (or near clean) copy. 

  1. After drafting, take a moment to review your work and fix grammar mistakes before submitting it. 
  2. Try to maintain a consistent English dialect. Whether you are writing in British, American, or Aussie English, we would leave that unaffected during copyediting since we always appreciate your personality and our readers to connect with your persona. Just make sure that your choice of English dialect is maintained across the entire article. 
  3. We suggest that you run your article through Grammarly to scoop out grammar errors and suggest changes. This is only a suggestion and not a necessity. Grammarly is a robot anyways. 
  4. A great reference to use to maintain excellent grammar and style is the Associated Press (AP) Style Guide

Format Your Writing

Writing articles follow various formats that reflect the type of writing being done. At Noknom, we publish articles that are formatted in ways that grab attention and are easy to read. You can follow these tips to format your articles properly. 

1. Include Title And Subheadings 

Your articles could look boring to the eyes if they are presented as a continuous slab of texts without necessary subheadings and section breaks. Break your writing into sections with major points that readers can connect to. After each section, they can progress to the next section. It feels easier to read and more organized. 

2. Break Sections Into Short Paragraphs. 

Yeah, let’s not ignore that. Paragraph your points and make each paragraph short. It’s easier for readers to run through short paragraphs and move on to the next ones. Long paragraphs can be repulsive. Also, it’s encouraging to see yourself making progress through a block of texts. Remember, these readers do not have the required knowledge to start and run a business. We trust that you should make it easier for them to acquire this knowledge through your esteemed article. 

3. Use Images That You Have Rights To

This may seem challenging but it’s really easy. Every article should have a featured image, which is usually (but not necessarily) the first image close to the title. Because it is unethical (and illegal) to publish images that you are not licensed to use, you must find free-to-use images. Don’t panic. That’s easy to get. 

You can find free-to-use photos on the following websites:

  1. Pixabay
  2. Pexels
  3. Unsplash
  4. Burst By Shopify
  5. Free Images
  6. Canva
  7. Flickr

4. Include Image Attributions

When you add images to your articles, ensure to add attributions. This tells us (and the readers) the source of the image as highlighted in the diagram below. Not adding attributions insinuates that you are taking credits for the photo which is unethical. Even if the photo is yours, kindly attribute it to yourself.

Image by the Author (a screenshot)

What To Avoid

Integrity is one of our core values. For this reason, we tell our readers what we can do and keep to our words. You have to maintain this reputation. If you want to draft an article that would be published on Noknom, we implore you to avoid these things: 

  1. Stories about financial earnings and major wins that sound like bragging are not acceptable. We strongly believe that your financial earnings are personal and should be kept private. We understand that those articles are poised at motivating the readers to take action, but we believe that they can be counterproductive. 

    These readers are relatively young and they have seen so much on social media platforms that could send them into depressing and unproductive states. You don’t want to add to those. 

    Instead, we suggest that you take the process that you used to achieve your results, put them into a digestible article, use projections in places where you have to include earnings information, and run it across us. We will be more than happy to publish them for our readers’ pleasure. 
  1. Diary-like chronicles of your life and experiences are not acceptable. As much as we are happy about how far you’ve come in life and your career, our readers are not really looking for that. You should rather pick out lessons (or guides) from your experience, relay it to them, back them up with credible references, and you will have a breathtaking article. 
  2. Generic headlines and clickbait are threatening to our reputation of integrity and we regret to let you know that we don’t accept such. Use a headline that clearly states what the reader should expect from the article. And the article should pass the value that the headline promised. We take this as being true to your words, which we hold at high esteem. 
  3. Indigestible articles won’t be accepted. All published articles are easy to read and present specific tips, step-by-step guides, and clear lessons that our readers can easily connect with. So when writing, detail your points in ways that are easy to follow. This way, readers can copy the steps and expect results. Keep it realistic too. Share something beyond mere opinions and thoughts. Show us something that actually works. 
  4. Articles discussing philosophy, politics, and religion are complete no-nos. We respect everyone’s varying religious, political, and philosophical inclinations. We intend to leave it that way. We are not trying to validate (or invalidate) any belief that our readers might have within these topics. 
  5. Blaring promotions and excessive call-to-actions (CTAs) are just as annoying as incessant YouTube ads. If you want to promote your products or services, find subtle ways to achieve this fit. 

Some More Practices That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

That may not be all you need to take note of when sending an article to us. Quickly take a look at these two practices that could make it super easy for your piece to get published. 

1. Referencing And Citations

Although research papers compel you to use approved referencing styles (APA, Chicago, Vancouver, etc.), we do not expect you to use such style on articles that you submit to us. Instead, simply cite the source of the information by hyperlinking it to an appropriate word (or phrase). 

For example, instead of citing in a sentence like:

“all articles must be free of grammar errors (Noknom, 2020).”

Structure it like this:

“follow the Noknom Style Guide religiously, your articles would be published on the platform.” 

2. Affiliate Link Disclosure

In compliance with the FTC-mandated practice for Affiliate Link Disclosure, you must pre-inform the readers (and us) at the start of your article about the presence of affiliate links on your article. Preferably, you can include it as colored text in italic right before your first paragraph. See a screenshot of an Affiliate Link Disclosure below. 

Image from Jackie Ison

3. Author’s Information

For us to publish your work in your name, we would need to know a few things about you. Also, readers should have an idea of who is writing to them. At the end of your article, kindly include your full name and a 50-word bio that would show on the “About The Author” section of our website as shown in the image below. Feel free to add links to your gigs, your books, your personal website, or anywhere you would like to redirect readers. You can’t tell, they could be your potential clients. 

Image by the Author

4. Social Profiles

Kindly add links to your social profiles (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook). This will make it easier for interested readers to follow you directly. The more personal audience for you perhaps. 

Submitting Your Article

Now that you have gone through this, do you think your article is a good fit for our platform? 

If so, we would like to consider it. 

If your work was written on Microsoft Word, we advise you to copy the content and paste it on Google Docs. If you use Google Docs, this should be easy for you. If not, you can follow this Ultimate Guide on How to Use Google Docs

Once you have the article on Google Docs, copy the shareable link and paste it in the appropriate field in the form below


  1. We respond to every submission within FIVE days. If you do not hear from us at the end of the fifth day, it is assumed that your submission was not considered this time around and we will be more than happy to receive subsequent and improved submissions. 
  2. We reserve the right to make changes to your articles as deemed necessary to meet our standards. This may include (but is not limited to) omission, modification of sentences, and change of images. Not to worry, we will make sure not to affect the core message and tone of your writing. 

Thank you for your submission and have a blast writing for Noknom!